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Paul Wingrove

Director at Nickleby

Paul is the Owner and Director of Nickleby. Formerly trained with a family-run injection moulding business, he has been involved with Automotive manufacturing for more than 20 years now. In more recent times, Paul was pivotal in winning highly acclaimed programmes for Tier 1 suppliers, working with Rolls Royce, Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin, as well as Honda and Nissan.

Business Development requires creativity according to Paul. The combination of industry knowledge, understanding a company’s strengths and weaknesses and how people operate, all contribute to a solid strategy for his clients. Paul gets his buzz from meeting those key stakeholders, listening to their aspirations, and putting in place a plan of activity.

Of late, business has taken him further afield to the U.S. and Canada, but mainly Paul is seen travelling around the U.K. and Europe, working directly with Nickleby’s clients but also visiting innovative suppliers. Recently, he has been advising on an acquisition which proved highly successful, forming part of an overall strategy of growth.

Paul’s technical background involves plastics, metal products and surface coatings such as robotic painting, although recently his access to new markets include accessories and security reflecting the diversification of clients working with Nickleby.

Paul encourages the type of initial meeting that is not agenda driven. “A pre-determined output often stifles creativity, and has loaded assumptions”. In his view, meeting face to face is critically important.

“it is always fascinating for me when I first become involved with a company. I review their website, I listen to the Directors, then walk the facility. The three are often utterly misaligned!” Our philosophy is to listen to our customers, but not be afraid to question ideas and venture out of one’s comfort zone.

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