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Lenstrat Automotive Strategy

Strategy Consultant

LENSTRAT is your partner in performance and growth. Together we accelerate your automotive business. We are your passionate partner with more than 25 years of international experience and extensive network in the automotive industry. Ready for acceleration and growth?

The automotive industry is not for everyone. Business and developments are fast paced, rules and regulations are tough, and suppliers are always under tremendous time and costing pressure.


Automotive Security

Our mission is to make wheel theft impossible and enable Rimgard owners to park their car anywhere with peace of mind. The idea is as brilliant as it is simple, no access to the bolts means no way to remove the wheel – without serious damage to the rim.

Rimgard is mounted onto the wheel, metal against metal, and expands inside the center of the rim with its patented locking mechanism. Turn the key, reinsert the original center cap and roll away. Keep your keys safe, you will need them when it’s time for new tires.

Sanko Gosei

Injection Moulding & Paint Application

Sanko Gosei is a global manufacturer of injection moulded components, primarily operating in the Automotive Sector. In addition to Injection Moulding, the group is also heavily in involved in guest engineering, the design and manufacture of tooling and associated research & development.

Sanko UK is also the parent company for Sanko Hungary and the recently incorporated Sanko Czech.

Ash & Lacy

Specialist Ventilation and Grille Components

The name Ash & Lacy has been synonymous with product innovation and high standards of engineering for over 140 years especially in the field of and automotive parts.

Ash & Lacy Automotive specialise in manufacturing highly engineered specialist ventilation and grille components for the automotive and aerospace industries, producing a wide range of UK made automotive parts including speaker grilles, ventilation mesh and pure design features to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any project.

Unlocking Growth

Optimised Strategy

We offer profiling, marketing, partnership creation, and importantly access to key customers