About Nickleby

Nickleby was formed in 2015 as a result of many years of working within the automotive supply chain sector, servicing OEM’s across Europe.
Our mission is to create a unique relationship with your company; to propose a tailor-made strategy of business development and help your business achieve its aspirations and ambitions.
With its offices in the UK and the Netherlands, Nickleby is in prime position with its network of manufacturers to assist your company drive those important areas of Business Development, Company Profiling, Marketing and Sales.
Our small team of experts are complimented by our partner Lenstrat Automotive Consultants, offering a unique and highly flexible proposal that fits your company budget.
Whether you have a single goal or target to achieve, or a general strategy of organic growth, Nickleby can advise and act on its proposal. Our clients range from single unit SME’s to global manufacturers, as well as accessory providers.
They cover volume production parts to bespoke creations. Many of our partners enjoy a relationship that lasts for years, and is testament to the trust and faith that they place in us. Let us be part of your journey!

Unlocking Growth

Optimised Strategy

We offer profiling, marketing, partnership creation, and importantly access to key customers