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Paul Wingrove
Paul WingroveDirector

I have a client list of companies who range from new start-ups and SME’s to globally placed businesses, mainly involved in supplying products and services to the automotive world. Working from offices in the UK and the Netherlands, I spend my time across Europe advising and executing growth strategies that can include marketing, sales, NPI or B2B activities. Having strong OEM connections with many key people of influence as well as Director/CEO level with supply partners, Nickleby is strongly networked, allowing good access to potential programmes of work. For over 20 years, I have accumulated friendships and business acquaintances across the globe, proudly maintaining contact with them all.
This information is confidential, where discretion and trust are paramount between Nickleby and it’s clients.

Nickleby provides a completely flexible and tailored service; one that fits the needs of your business. All great plans start with a confidential discussion, to understand the client’s objectives, wishes and goals. After this, Nickleby would make a proposal for the client, ensuring the beginning of a great relationship.

  • Technical knowledge on injection plastics
  • Lightweight technologies
  • Surface coating and decorative finishes
  • B2B globally
  • Business Development and Sales Strategies
  • New product launch
  • Company profiling
  • Strong network of interior and exterior vehicle accessory products
  • Commercial contacts
  • Management development and continuous improvement training
  • Unique preparatory knowledge on plastics and metal based products
  • Wireless LED products for the accessory market